price list

Prices are shown below but are subject to change at end of the fall season.

So catch me while these prices are still available.  




Price list 1.

DETAILS:  Event Shooting

$  75 *      Wedding ceremony only  (2-10 guests)
$125 *     Wedding ceremony only (11-50 guests)

   (at officiant location/home)


$325 *      Wedding  ceremony -on site (1 - 100 guests)  

  (at venue e.g., park, river, church, etc.)


$125/hr *  Reception, Dinner, Dancing - by the hour


$125/hr *  Celebrations, events, funerals



$125 *          VIDEO PERSON to take videos  

$185 *         MEMORY VIDEO - your event in movie format

  $35 *          DVD    (or -  free if pics are put in Dropbox)



$3,150 *       Includes all of the above, a book and posting

                       the best of your photos on the internet.

Price list 2.

DETAILS:  Specialty Shots,  e.g. head shots

 $150          For 5-10 professional photos 

 $150          For graduation or family portraits

Price list 3.

DETAILS:  Product Shots  (e.g. Amazon items)  

$25/for the shoot + $15/per item

                                    $15/for each retake

** (There is a trip charge for shoots outside the 465 Loop.  This covers gas and time)

                                      * ( if you are working with my preferred wedding officiants, then some of the prices above have been reduced.)

                                                                                           Call for more details:  Gaynel @ 317.908.4561